Our motto: „If need remanufacturing of the world!”

About Us

The Fobutech Ltd. founded in 2012 with the aim to provide a service highly specified customers of pharmaceutical companies.

We increased our services from 2013 due to the increasing demands of our customers The early days, dominated the engineering and component manufacturing among our services, but due to the continuous requests nowadays we operate on the following markets: mechanical engineering, specialized procurement, process piping, welding, cleanroom services.

In 2014 the target was to develop our new services and to serve our customers in all areas to soon as possible, with the best quality.

We have purchased manufacturing machines, logistics tools, softwares, which are essential for our daily work because we want to provide high quality services for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical and oil industry, and last but not least, in the energy industry.

In 2014 we provide our new services 90% in Hungary and 10% int he European Union. In the following years we want to achive the 50-50%. In addition to expansion of our services, we purchased a 12,000 m2 hall where we planing significant investments: Pre-assembly hall, metal-working plant. We planing to develop of our existing hall also.

Our short and long-term plans contains the expansion of continuous improvement of our machines and equipment according to customer’s requirements.

In year 2016-2017 more improvements will be implement. Our company find important the development of our region, for this, we planning to pick up more 50 full-time employees in 2016-2017-2018.

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